Menstrual Cup Transparent Small

Menstrual Cup Transparent Small

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Menstrual Cup Transparent Small

In Liebe we have a concern that moves us; The health and well-being of women. Together with this, we have the initiative to create a more sustainable world, in which the environment is more respected and the quality of life of people and the environment is improved. All this led us to create the Menstrual Cup, an accessory designed for women that allows you to enjoy a more hygienic and eco-friendly menstrual cycle.

The Liebe Menstrual Cup is a small cup-shaped container made of medical silicone. It is easily inserted inside the vagina; the ends are bent and pushed inwards like a tampon. Once inside, it opens and adapts to the anatomy of the woman and is ready to collect the menstrual flow.

Depending on the amount of menstruation released by women, it will have to be emptied more or less time.

It is very flexible, easy to handle and is a more comfortable, hygienic and safe alternative for the days of the period, it can be used both day and night for up to 12 continuous hours.

With proper maintenance, its life time is up to 5 years and at the same time, it favors the care of the environment and minimizes any allergic reaction of the body.

The Menstrual Cup is the best option to contribute to a much more comfortable, safe, simple, ecological, economical and hygienic life.

There are two measures available; the little one and the big one. The small one is indicated for women under 30 or women of 30 years who have had a cesarean delivery. The large one is indicated for all women over 30 years of age who have had children or not.

This model is small and transparent in color.


  - Flexible and easy to handle.

  - Reusable and non-disposable.

  - With cotton bag for the correct care.

  - Specific instructions for placement and care of the cup in 6 languages.

  - Soft and soft texture for comfort.

  - In small size: 15 ml capacity.


  - Dimensions: 7.8 cm x 4 cm

  - Packaging dimensions: 18.7 cm x 7.6 cm

  - Made of medical silicone.

  - Product weight: 12 g

  - Weight with packaging: 86 g